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Hi, my name is Bob Mccann. I’ve personally built over 300 small houses for my clients. And I’ve experienced just about every building situation imaginable. After years of mastering this unique trade, I’d like to personally teach you everything – and I mean everything – you need to know to build your Small House TODAY.

Bob McCann

Where to Go? Ten Friendliest Places for Downsizing

Despite the apparent progress in recognizing tiny houses as a legit form of dwellings, some states are still far behind the others. Even within the same country, it’s hard to find two cities with the same approach towards small house living. Before making any decision, it’s advisable to dive deep into this topic and thoroughly research every location you have an eye on. Napa, California California is often marked as the friendliest state. Still, while cities like Napa, Sacramento, or Sonoma allow even placing the tiny house as a “caregiver” home in the backyard, Los …

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Tiny Houses: Why More People Are Living in Miniature

Tiny houses are gaining in popularity as a creative, affordable, and fun way to deal with the affordable housing problem. Also, there is a perk of reducing overall living costs, together with environmental consciousness and minimizing a carbon footprint. The idea of building your own home is tempting, particularly if you end up with half of the previous living costs. The whole process can be an amusing challenge, quite attractive to young people. Affordability For some people, this asset comes on top of anything else. Tiny houses are the most affordable housing solution around. One …

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How Much a Tiny House Will Really Cost Me?

Everyone and their mother talk about how tiny houses on wheels are affordable alternatives to traditional homes. Then again, “affordable” is a matter of personal perspective. Is it possible to know how much can a tiny house cost? Naturally, the price depends on many variables, starting from the house type, materials, and labor costs. An average price for a fully equipped home on wheels is about $50,000. However, that number can be significantly lower if you cut corners wisely. It’s possible to have a professionally built house with modest amenities, including a toilet and shower, …

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Cheapest Tiny Houses to Buy in the USA

While many prospective tiny house owners look forward to building their own cheap tiny homes, not everyone is a fan of the idea. The good news? You don’t have to build if you don’t want to. As the tiny house movement becomes less and less tiny, more manufacturers are jumping into the wagon. You can find a cheap tiny house to match any budget or style and buy it ready-made. Just add water. Ok, in your case, just place it somewhere and start enjoying a simplified life. Incredible Tiny Homes We put this manufacturer first …

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A Small House for About $2,000: Mission Impossible?

When we know that $50,000 is the average price for a fully equipped home on wheels, the idea of getting yourself a cheap small house for less than $2000 sounds impossible. Still, it can be done. All you need is some knowledge, a lot of skill, and several great friends ready for adventure. The key is to refurbish, repurpose, and reuse whatever you can. Besides significantly lowering the overall cost, you will also do a great service to the environment. That’s great since sustainability has a major role in the whole downsizing concept. For a …

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10 Useful Small House Secrets

Downsizing is not all peaches and cream, and you will have some doubts as time goes by. A well-planned layout helps to avoid plenty of issues in advance. Fold-down tables, smart storage, sliding doors, and optical illusions are just a few of many small house secrets that wait to be discovered. Once you start thinking outside the box, a whole new world of opportunities opens before your eyes. Use it to your advantage. As Multifunctional As it Gets A few clever tricks can make one space suitable for more than one function. A dining table …

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10 Great Small House Ideas

A tiny house design can pack quite a punch. A wooden cabin’s well-known rustical aesthetics is surprisingly refreshed in modern editions. Humble, sometimes even ugly containers need just a small change of perspective to become attractive as residential spaces. Everything depends on your creativity. Ok, sometimes a budget counts, too. But true creativity can create beauty out of anything. Tiny House Design with Glass Walls Airy and transparent spaces allow you to bring outside in, blurring the border between the two. This style is especially convenient for areas with mild, friendly climate. You might wish …

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10 Best Small Houses for Every Occasion

When you’re thinking about the idea of having a small house, what do you imagine? A treehouse playground, a Hobbit hole, a modern wonder, or something entirely unique on your own? The best asset of a small house is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Even the silliest layouts can look charming in a small package. Have a look at this collection of original small houses and find something that will inspire you. A Down-to-Earth Treehouse You love the idea of a treehouse, but you can’t imagine living so high? Well, …

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10 Best Designed Tiny House Interiors

Tiny house interior design bears a challenge of its own. No other home project has to emphasize functionality above all, while still conveying a sense of cozy, comfortable, attractive living space. When it comes to tiny house ideas, the style alone is not nearly enough. Let There Be Light In a small space, you’ll wish to collect a lot of sun and daylight. Furthermore, being open towards the outside will eliminate the risk of feeling prisoned. This is particularly convenient when a tiny house gets too crowded. On the other side, a glass wall might …

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7 Ways to Enjoy a Tiny House Vacation

Suppose you are on the verge of a decision to downsize, but still have some doubts. What you need is a test, an opportunity to rent a place and see if you’re truly made for living a tiny homeowner’s life. But where to find such a place to rent? The answer may surprise you—tiny house vacation is easier than you think. Mount Hood Tiny House Village, Near Portland, Oregon Mount Hood Tiny House Village is accountable for opening 13 different Tiny House resort hotels all around the country. Accommodation sizes range from 80 to about …

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