7 Tips for Keeping a Clean Home

Coming home at the end of the work week and realizing that the entire house is a mess is not how you want to start your weekend. By doing a simple chore here or there, you will ensure that your home is a tidy space that makes you happy and embraces you each day when you walk in the door. Home is where your heart thrives. It is a place that can envelop you and your refuge from the world’s chaos. You want your home to be inspiring and warm. Here are 7 ways to …

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Removing Mold From Your Home

Mold is present all around us – even in the air that we breathe – though we’re not usually aware of it. Its presence at low levels is typically harmless. There are about 100 species of mold that are known to cause various infections in people at higher levels, however. Those with allergies, suppressed immune systems (HIV/AIDS, for example) and asthma and other respiratory conditions can be particularly vulnerable. In any case, mold is unseemly; and most homeowners are eager to be rid of it when they see it. In many cases, this can be …

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