10 Best Designed Tiny House Interiors

Tiny house interior design bears a challenge of its own. No other home project has to emphasize functionality above all, while still conveying a sense of cozy, comfortable, attractive living space. When it comes to tiny house ideas, the style alone is not nearly enough. Let There Be Light In a small space, you’ll wish to collect a lot of sun and daylight. Furthermore, being open towards the outside will eliminate the risk of feeling prisoned. This is particularly convenient when a tiny house gets too crowded. On the other side, a glass wall might …

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How to Choose the Best Interior Decorator

Developing the home of your dreams start at hiring the right people for the job. And to maximize your investments, you want to hire a qualified interior decorator that specializes in the look you want. To help you find the best interior decorator, consider these tips: Know What You Want You simply cannot expect an interior designer to know everything. An interior decorator will only strive to execute the kind of effect you envision. To achieve the interior style you want, you need to know your own personal style. You can do that by looking …

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