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A Small House for About $2,000: Mission Impossible?

When we know that $50,000 is the average price for a fully equipped home on wheels, the idea of getting yourself a cheap small house for less than $2000 sounds impossible. Still, it can be done. All you need is some knowledge, a lot of skill, and several great friends ready for adventure. The key is to refurbish, repurpose, and reuse whatever you can. Besides significantly lowering the overall cost, you will also do a great service to the environment. That’s great since sustainability has a major role in the whole downsizing concept. For a …

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10 Useful Small House Secrets

Downsizing is not all peaches and cream, and you will have some doubts as time goes by. A well-planned layout helps to avoid plenty of issues in advance. Fold-down tables, smart storage, sliding doors, and optical illusions are just a few of many small house secrets that wait to be discovered. Once you start thinking outside the box, a whole new world of opportunities opens before your eyes. Use it to your advantage. As Multifunctional As it Gets A few clever tricks can make one space suitable for more than one function. A dining table …

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