10 Best Designed Tiny House Interiors

Tiny house interior design bears a challenge of its own. No other home project has to emphasize functionality above all, while still conveying a sense of cozy, comfortable, attractive living space. When it comes to tiny house ideas, the style alone is not nearly enough.

Let There Be Light

In a small space, you’ll wish to collect a lot of sun and daylight. Furthermore, being open towards the outside will eliminate the risk of feeling prisoned. This is particularly convenient when a tiny house gets too crowded. On the other side, a glass wall might not be the best solution for areas with harsh winters.

Color Me Pretty

Tiny doesn’t have to mean “simple and boring.” Keep the simplicity in layout and the overall approach, but also enrich your home with charming details. After all, personal touch IS what makes a difference between a house and a home.

Tiny House, Familiar Ground

Tiny house interior can offer everything that a standard one does, just in a space-savvy, wise way. A contemporary interior might be the right solution for a transitional period, before you get ready to experiment more.

Fisherman’s log

“Take me to the river, drop me in the water.” And when you catch a big fish, this kitchen will be a perfect place to cook it. A coastal interior works best around water, but you can really pull it wherever you want.

Dreaming a Tiny House Dream

Are you worried that your kid might not feel right in a tiny house? Let him/her feel the full spirit of adventure. Start with a bed worthy of a fairytale.

Captain’s Log

This room feels like a clash of a captain’s cabin and a craftsman’s house, done right. A soothing color scheme adds a lot of coziness to the modest space. Bonus points awarded to the ample storage space under the bed.

A Tiny House in Hobbiton

Your own version of a Hobbit hole? Why not—after all, Hobbit holes ARE tiny by nature. If you go off-grid and out of urban zones, you also get a chance of a lifetime to live your own fantasy in every detail. A tiny house interior like this one is a great way to start.

Use it All

Storage, storage, storage. And then, maybe, some more. When building a tiny house, every square foot counts, so use verticals wisely. Insert a drawer or a shelf wherever possible. You’ll thank us later.

Comfort is (Not?) a Luxury

There’s no reason why a tiny house can’t be luxurious. This industrial-style interior features modern amenities and convenient design solutions in a clever package. Very comfortable, yet as simple as it gets.

The Mighty Redbeard

Wood and…more wood. It’s hard to go more Scandinavian than making your home look like an inside of a Viking ship. This tiny home interior will help you truly connect with nature, and after all, that’s what living a remote life really is about. Wouldn’t you agree?

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