10 Great Small House Ideas

A tiny house design can pack quite a punch. A wooden cabin’s well-known rustical aesthetics is surprisingly refreshed in modern editions. Humble, sometimes even ugly containers need just a small change of perspective to become attractive as residential spaces. Everything depends on your creativity.

Ok, sometimes a budget counts, too. But true creativity can create beauty out of anything.

Tiny House Design with Glass Walls

Airy and transparent spaces allow you to bring outside in, blurring the border between the two. This style is especially convenient for areas with mild, friendly climate. You might wish to avoid them in northern parts of the country, though.

Mix and Match

If you can’t decide between a container and a wooden tiny house design, take both. Due to the match of colors and patterns, this unexpected combo works surprisingly well. Additionally, it’s easy to build and relatively affordable.

A Bit of Both

This charming little house let its inhabitants enjoy the views year-round. Like that wasn’t enough, the compact design features a playground, too. The combination of traditional and modern feels surprisingly natural and perfectly in place with the surroundings.

Modern Small House Ideas

How to make a tiny house design look more spacious than it really is? Utilize the verticals, employ glass, and you are already halfway through. Spice it up with some Frank Lloyd Wright vibes, and you got yourself a jackpot.

Upside Down

Ok, we know it’s not really upside down, but admit that this tiny house design had fooled you at first, too. This incredibly attractive trailer home packs a punch in the simplest package available.

Tiny and Gorgeous

It’s hard to say what is more impressive here: this supermodern tiny house design or its perfect location. When it comes to bringing the outside in, this is almost as good as it gets. If you wonder who would even need a house in such a place, allow us to remind you that sometimes rains even in paradise.

Naturally Industrial Small House Ideas

Here we have another good match of organic with prefabricated. The simple but effective design of this house is humble in character, but also it can fit with any environment. On top of all, it’s affordable and almost effortless to build.

Mini Lake Cabin

A broad perspective of functionality in tiny house design: The surrounding nature is astonishing, and the day is lovely, so why stay inside? And since you spend most of your day outside, there’s no need for a big, empty house. Case closed.

A Garden Shack, Upgraded

Here is an excellent solution for a tiny home design suitable to pose an additional object in the backyard. It’s easy to fit on a small lot and looks good enough to have it there without much risk to annoy the neighbors.

A Library House

A perfect place to host an avid reader and a nature lover. This house is modern, attractive, open, tiny yet large enough. In short, it’s everything it needs to be. Have we mentioned it’s attractive? Yes, we thought so.

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