10 Best Small Houses for Every Occasion

When you’re thinking about the idea of having a small house, what do you imagine? A treehouse playground, a Hobbit hole, a modern wonder, or something entirely unique on your own?

The best asset of a small house is that it can be whatever you want it to be. Even the silliest layouts can look charming in a small package.

Have a look at this collection of original small houses and find something that will inspire you.

A Down-to-Earth Treehouse

You love the idea of a treehouse, but you can’t imagine living so high? Well, there’s no rule that says it has to go all the way up. A small elevation will give it just enough charm to keep your head in the clouds and feet on the ground, if you know what we mean.

Small House in Color

All dreams should be in color, and that includes homes. A small house means freedom above all, so free your mind and let your artistic flair go wherever the road wants to take it. One shade or all of them, you decide!

Grandma’s Small House in the Woods

Have you heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood? We dare to say that Granny must have lived in a house just like this one. The charm is irresistible, and it’s almost possible to smell an apple pie just by looking at this photo. Make sure not to place it too close to wolves, though.

Modern Coastal Vibes

Not everyone is a fan of a rustic small home in the woods, though. How about a modern coastal house surrounded by palms? Even if the sea is not very close, the full holiday-ish vibe is still there.

Urban Container

Some believe that container homes can’t be attractive. Perhaps this small house can help to reconsider the idea. It’s fresh, modern design can fit anywhere, from busy urban environments to remote countryside.

Real Treehouse

Here’s a real treehouse, fit for children in age and children in the soul. Besides the playground part, if you choose the right spot, the view will be a reward for itself. Furthermore, there’s a 100% natural canopy to secure coziness during hot days.

Luxury Modern Small House

For those who wish to downsize but still prefer conventional homes, here is one elegant solution fit for the city, but also for a mountain resort. This style allows you to choose the level of luxury, from the choice of materials to various bonus assets.

A Whiskey in a Jar Small House

Is this an ideal small house for whiskey lovers, or what? The barrel shape, besides unusual appearance, offers enough space to fit even a sleeping gallery. On top of all, it’s relatively easy to build.

Progressive Japanese Design

This super-creative Japanese project might remind you of an upgraded Hobbit hole, or a spacesuit helmet—depending on your preferred kind of adventure. It might not be the best small house choice for those who look for peace and quietness, since you can expect visitors to drop by and take a selfie every now and then.

A Common Non-Common House

Finally, here is a perfect miniature version of a standard house. It’s charming, attractive, and can fit almost anywhere. What more to look for?

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