Cheapest Tiny Houses to Buy in the USA

While many prospective tiny house owners look forward to building their own cheap tiny homes, not everyone is a fan of the idea. The good news? You don’t have to build if you don’t want to. As the tiny house movement becomes less and less tiny, more manufacturers are jumping into the wagon.

You can find a cheap tiny house to match any budget or style and buy it ready-made. Just add water. Ok, in your case, just place it somewhere and start enjoying a simplified life.

Incredible Tiny Homes

We put this manufacturer first for a simple reason. They have a house model named “The Hobbit,” and the children inside us jumped in excitement. If you want a total show-stopper, this might be a solution.

The average price range for Incredible Tiny Homes is $25,000-$79,600.

Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builders

They offer two basic models with catchy names: there is a “Chic Shack” and a “Relax Shack.” The lower price and a chance to do your own interior design are the things to look for here.

The average price range for Mini Mansions is $35,900-$37,900.

Tiny Green Cabins-Blaine, MN

Tiny Green Cabins offers a variety of models, including a “healthy living” range. The sustainable construction approach includes using alternative materials, such as recycled blue jeans, recycled steel, and low VOC paints. Houses can be fully customized for off-the-grid life.

The average price range for Tiny Green Cabins is $19,900-$80,000.

AL Tiny Homes

If you are looking for something more customized, try with a company that offers design consultation to help you make your dreams come true. What you’ll get are a lower utility price and a simplified, convenient layout.

The average price range for Al Tiny Homes is $26,000-$59,000.

Custom Container Living

The material used to build modern containers is high-strength, corrosive resistant, low-alloy steel. While a floor plan must be either 20′ or 40′, there is still a lot of space for customization.

The average price range for Custom Container Living is $26,000-$54,000.

Oregon Cottage Company

All of these tiny houses are 20 feet long but highly customizable in design. If you are looking for options like skylights or large lofts, check what they have to offer.

The average price range of Oregon Cottage Company homes is $36,500-$49,500.

Bantam Built Homes

These tiny homes on wheels start from basic models with the goal of creating a final design that meets all customer’s needs. Large windows, sunroofs, single-story, or loft are just some of the options available.

The average price range of Bantam Build Homes is $36,000-$65,000.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

If you want a custom tiny house built by your design but not by yourself, this company is worthy of attention. They will consider your budget and perhaps offer a few good ideas in the process.

The average price range of Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes is $23-$100,000.

Brevard Tiny House

This small family business will create your new tiny home from a sample floor plan or as a unique, customized project. The typical structure size is 8’x24′ but can also be changed according to your wishes.

The average price range of Brevard Tiny Houses is $38,000-$63,000.

Tiny Home Builders

This company offers a broad range of products, from trailers to prefabricated homes. If you change your mind about DIY, you can even find plans and workshops to help you do it your way.

The average price range of Tiny Home Builders’ houses is $37,000-$61,000.

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