Where to Go? Ten Friendliest Places for Downsizing

Despite the apparent progress in recognizing tiny houses as a legit form of dwellings, some states are still far behind the others. Even within the same country, it’s hard to find two cities with the same approach towards small house living.

Before making any decision, it’s advisable to dive deep into this topic and thoroughly research every location you have an eye on.

Napa, California

California is often marked as the friendliest state. Still, while cities like Napa, Sacramento, or Sonoma allow even placing the tiny house as a “caregiver” home in the backyard, Los Angeles, for example, doesn’t show much support for the concept of tiny house settlements.

Portland, Oregon

Tiny houses on wheels are recognized and allowed by Oregon DMVs, with a special trip permit and commercial hauler required. In Portland, residential properties can host one RV or a tiny house constructed as an accessory dwelling unit.

Spur, Texas

Spur crowned itself the tiny house capital of America, following local government eliminating or relaxing most building restrictions. Local climate and tornadoes affect the regulations, so all houses on wheels must get concrete foundations and switch to a stationary type.

Some rural parts of Texas have no, or very loose, zoning guidelines, so research them if you wish to go off-grid.

Asheville, North Carolina

In North Carolina, tiny homes are permitted as permanent single-family dwellings. Asheville has been renowned as an open-minded, artsy city, so it’s no wonder that it quickly became friendly to alternative housing options such as tiny homes. The codes and requirements keep changing in favor of tiny house owners ever since

Rockledge, Florida

A citizen-led initiative brought to life two zoning districts for small house living, one for mixed-use and one for planned unit development. Both types of tiny homes are acceptable within these areas, as long as not smaller than 150 square feet. The best part? A 30 minutes ride gets you to Cocoa Beach.

Durango, Colorado

Durango allowed accessory dwelling units, in particular neighborhoods, in 2014. The benefits of settling in Durango comprise the proximity of protected nature, such as forests and national parks. Small house living is legally permitted in single-family home backyards, on a permanent foundation.

Briley Township, Atlanta, Michigan

A new type of dwelling established in Briley, named Economy Efficient Dwelling, belongs to the tiny house family. It comprises homes ranging between 240 and 500 square feet that comply with Michigan building and sanitary codes.

St. George, Washington County, Utah

Tiny homes in Washington County must have a foundation and be hooked up to utilities to be allowed in residential areas. St. George, near Zion National Park, offers you to book a stay at Zion’s Tiny Getaway as a test run without obligations.

Tucson, Arizona

In 2016, Pima County eased regulations for houses measuring less than 400 square feet. This has been followed by the development of many communities scattered around. However, stationary tiny homes are preferred over trailers.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you settle in Albuquerque, you will get detailed guidelines for building a tiny house. It’s also possible to convert a tiny house on wheels to become a certified legal dwelling, with certificates and in compliance with standards. Living in small houses is welcome, as long as the dwelling is stationary.

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