10 Useful Small House Secrets

Downsizing is not all peaches and cream, and you will have some doubts as time goes by. A well-planned layout helps to avoid plenty of issues in advance. Fold-down tables, smart storage, sliding doors, and optical illusions are just a few of many small house secrets that wait to be discovered.

Once you start thinking outside the box, a whole new world of opportunities opens before your eyes. Use it to your advantage.

As Multifunctional As it Gets

A few clever tricks can make one space suitable for more than one function. A dining table can become two work desks; a staircase can double as storage, and so on…

Texture and Colors Can Trick the Eye

You want something to appear larger? Use white or pastels. You want it smaller? Use dark hues or contrasts. Some accents needed to add dynamics to the dull area? Use strong patterns.

Distorted Proportions

In a small space, it’s important to feel free. When horizontal surfaces are limited, use the verticals. Mirrors can help to trick the eye, and glass walls emphasize the view, bringing the outside in.

Raised Ceilings

The sloping, elevated shed roof can add a feeling of spaciousness. Skylights bring this further, and help to convey a feeling that you are sleeping in the open air. Also, any additional vertical space can be utilized for a purpose.

Avoid Hallways/Make Them Multifunctional

One way to avoid the waste of precious floor space is to start from the entrance and build a cyclic layout. Another option is to make a central corridor, with kitchen elements and sitting space along, like a typical RV layout.

Use the Views to Bring the Outside In

A living space oriented towards the outer world will never feel too tight. An elevated shed roof will help to make the loft more breathable. Falling asleep looking over treetops brings bonus points to the overall quality of life.

Use Windows Wherever Available

One of the best tiny house secrets is a smart use of daylight. If privacy is not an issue, place windows on both sides of your home. It will improve the sense of spaciousness and allow the free flow of sun rays.

Splurge Where It Counts

You downsize the space, but you don’t have to downsize the quality. Premium materials last longer and come with an additional set of benefits. If available, allow yourself some luxury—you will enjoy your home more.

A Long Layout

The length of your house is the dimension to use and make it feel spacious. Try not to cut the entire line, and let the eye roam free. If a barrier is necessary, make it transparent at least. Also, try to create zoning by gradual elevation.

Use Outdoors

You will spend a lot of time outside, so use it to your advantage. Make an attractive communal zone and even a few separate private spaces. As long as the weather is fine, you will have a very broad living area at your disposal.

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